A day on the RTM

To take part in the Raid TransMauritania is to experience an exceptional adventure in the heart of Mauritania’s desert landscapes. Each day is a new opportunity to surpass yourself, discover breathtaking panoramas and share unique moments with other enthusiasts. Here’s what a typical day on the RTM looks like.

6.30am – Wake-up and breakfast: The day starts early to take advantage of the cool morning air. You leave your bags at the foot of the 4x4s and then have breakfast to prepare for the effort. In general, you’ll be offered coffee or tea, bread, butter, honey and jam, cheese spread and sometimes yoghurt.

Preparing for the day: Water and syrups are available to fill your water bottles for the day, as well as local biscuits and dates. If you want energy bars for sport, remember to bring them with you from France. Don’t forget your repair kit, tracker, GPS and sun cream! Time for a final check-up of your fatbike, check your tyre pressure and you’re off to the start line.

7.30 am – Morning briefing and departure: The organisers give a reminder of the day’s important points and safety advice. Participants set off across the desert landscape, following the day’s itinerary.

Ravito à l'ombre
Ravito à l'ombre
Course de crottes de chameaux
Course de crottes de chameaux

Ravito: Around two-thirds of the way through the stage, you’ll find a refreshment point, always in the shade. This is a good opportunity to top up your water bottles to finish the stage in peace, and to nibble on peanuts, dates or local biscuits. If the day’s fatigue is too much for some, it’s possible to hop into a 4×4 and drive straight to the finish, but this can sometimes take a very long time.

Arrival at the bivouac: At the end of the stage, the camp is already set up and a fresh Coke awaits you in the shade of the Khaimas or acacias. Your bags are available.

Lunch: When the last competitors arrive, ideally around 2pm, lunch, a mixed salad, is served in the tents.

Afternoon: The organisation is free. Hot showers are available. You can look for a shady spot to take a siesta during the hottest hours. Depending on where you bivouac, you may be able to take part in a walk, a visit or an activity, as you wish. Don’t forget to look after your bikes for the next day and recharge the batteries in your GPS using an external battery, which you should bring with you. On this subject, be aware of the restrictions for these items on the plane. Last but not least, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with other enthusiasts who have come to share this adventure with you.

7pm – Briefing for the next day: An aperitif (with syrup ;-), alcohol is forbidden in Mauritania) is served, it’s getting dark and you take your headlamps to go through the road book for the next day with Yann.

7.30pm – Dinner: Dinner on the big mat served by our Mauritanian cooks to recover from the day’s exertions. Bivouac atmosphere around the fire.

Night: Outside the towns, you will sleep in the Khaïma tents, which can accommodate up to eight people. A foam mattress is provided for everyone, and you’ll have brought your own duvet in your luggage, as the nights are cool.

And of course, all this is punctuated by countless mint teas!

Thé à la menthe
Thé à la menthe

Last update : June 24, 2024