Organising team

A group of friends, experienced sportsmen, great outdoors lovers, passionated about adventure all over the world. We created an association to develop this project : Anjou Authentique Aventure.

  • Cedric, manager of the Cyclexperts shop in Lyon, mountain bike specialist, has been exploring for many years all kinds of mountain bike events all over France and even the world. He is in charge of the mechanical support brought to the competitors.
  • Guillaume, freelance web developer, experienced orienteer, regularly travels the world in mountaineering expeditions or adventure races. He takes care of the Web presence of the event and pilots the drone.
  • Yann, PE teacher in state education, pratices a lot of outdoor sports, has a strong knowledge of Mauritanian desert since he lived there for several years. He is the director of the project.
  • Jérôme, journalist at LCI, triathlete, passionated about cycling, Africa and natural environments. He makes the videos that highlight our event.
  • Mohamed ould Boydya, mauritanian guide and storyteller since 1997, tuareg in love with his desert, he always take care of groups in his so particular universe. He’s in charge of logistic and contacts in Mauritania.

Each one with their various skills represents a vital link in building a solid, safe and experienced organisation that will enable us to share, interest and satisfy the maximum number of enthusiasts like us.