Frequently Asked Questions

I'm looking for a teammate, can you help me?

Write us at, we list the competitors in the same case as you and we put you in touch.

I don't have a Fatbike, do you propose rental?

We offer a small number of Fatbikes for hire.

However, we advise you to start by looking for a rental company near you. You can often find one by the sea or in ski resorts.

Don’t forget that Fatbikes <b>must be tubeless</b>, i.e. without an inner tube, but with a preventive product that automatically seals the leaks.

We recommend tyres of at least 3,5” / 4”, otherwise the bearing capacity is too low. Basically, with a 27.5”+ mountain bike you risk being a bit limited in very sandy sections and having to carry the bike.

Finally last detail before contacting a rental company, you need a classic fatbike without electric assistance, because the batteries can’t take plane and are difficult to charge in the desert.

Here are a few rental addresses where you might be able to find a fatbike to come and participate: