Raid Trans Mauritania Fatbike

6th edition, February 8 to 15, 2025

The 2nd RTM Series Gravel in May 2024

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Race or untimed ride in fatbike in the desert

You’ve always dreamed of exploring the desert on a mountain bike, the Raid TransMauritania is for you. Also known as the RTM, it’s an adventure for fatbikes – mountain bikes with oversized tyres – in the sand dunes of the Mauritanian desert. During one week, participants will cycle between 4 and 6 hours, every morning to take advantage of the optimal temperature conditions.

The use of fatbike is mandatory in the Mauritanian Adrar area. Even if the terrain sometimes offers rocky tracks, we will look for a maximum of passages in the sandy dunes to offer you amazing sensations while riding down the slopes.

With two formats, timed fatbike race or untimed ride, we have thought of everyone. If you’re a regular competitor then you’ll enjoy riding down the seas of dunes or trying to make a breakaway up a hill. On the other hand, if you prefer to take your time and enjoy the landscape, you will be delighted by the discovery of the Adrar and its breathtaking scenery.

Why a fatbike event and not a mountain bike race ?

The tires on traditional mountain bikes and bicycles are too thin to have the necessary lift to ride in the sand. For your fatbikes, we recommend a tyre section of at least 4″ in order to ride in the dunes. Even with such large tyres there will still be some sections where your wheels will sink into the sand, but soon you will learn to read the dunes to distinguish the soft sand areas from areas where the sand has been packed and hardened by the wind.

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The history of the raid transmauritania fatbike

We dreamed for some years to make our traces with our Fatbikes in the wildest landscapes of the Mauritanian Adrar. We have just made this dream come true, and turned it into an event: the Raid TransMauritania Fatbike.

After a successful first edition in 2019 and a second one in 2020 where we tripled the number of participants, a post-covid edition in untimed ride in 2022, and a successful 2023 edition, we offer new routes for the 5th edition, but always sand and dunes.

You will ride 250 kilometers in six stages run by teams of two. This adventure is reserved for fatbikes the only bikes that can go anywhere on the variety of terrain in the Mauritanian desert.

You can participate in race ou untimed ride, your choice! But always at your own pace.

The stages will take place in the morning to pedal during the coolest hours, the afternoons will be reserved for the rest or the discovery of the surroundings. And the evenings, in the middle of the immensity of the dunes or the shelter of an oasis, will be the occasion to remake the world or simply the day around a fire and the traditional mint tea. Then it will be enough to start counting the stars … to fall asleep.

Beware, addiction guaranteed, desert is magic!