Registration clip for the Raid TransMauritania Fatbike 2021

New dates of the Raid TransMauritania Fatbike are from February 12 to 19, 2022. The clip gives you an insight into this unique desert raid.

RTM 2020, registration launch

A look back at the first edition of Raid TransMauritania in February 2019 and the experience of the event’s pioneers, at the time of launching the registration.

Origin of the Raid TransMauritania

Yann, race director, looks back at the origins of the Raid TransMauritania. To find out what made us decide to organise a fatbike race in the desert, how the idea came about.

Yann discovered Mauritania in 2004 when he came here as a PE teacher at the French high school. He discovered a magnificent country that he loved. He was already doing a lot of mountain biking and running. The landscapes he loved, he now wishes to share with others.

An atypical Race

On the Raid TransMauritania, we provide a GPS track and a road book with the main directions. So, with their fatbike, the competitors will be able to go where they want, but especially where they can. They will have to learn to read the dunes.

The raid is atypical, because of the terrain, the temperature, the landscapes and the encounters, without forgetting your mount, the fatbike which will be a first event on this kind of bike for some of you.

Timed fatbike race or untimed ride ?

Wali of Adrar opens his arms wide to RTM

Raid TransMauritania, come and dream!

Video clip of Raid TransMauritania

They created a fatbike race in the Mauritanian desert.

300 kilometers of wilderness trails reserved for fatbikes in teams of two on six stages from 17 to 24 February 2019, come and dream!

A report on the Raid TransMauritania

Lovers of the unusual sensation of hurtling down a black run as far as the ski resorts. This is the imprint Yann gives to the race he created this winter in Mauritania, the Raid TransMauritania.

On each reconnaissance, what we want is to go and play between the rocks, to find beautiful descents between the rocks and the sand, that there is real driving on the routes.

A fatbike race, mountain bikes with bigger tyres that increase the lift on the sand.

Tubeless tyres mandatory on the RTM

During our reconnaissance in the Mauritanian Adrar, in search of the most beautiful tracks for this first edition of Raid TransMauritania, we took the opportunity to test the equipment a little to be able to give you the best advice for the event.

The answer is clear, you have to equip your fatbikes with tubeless! Acacia thorns are merciless and leave no respite for the inner tubes.

With tubeless, there is no inner tube, but instead a preventive product that comes to plug the holes, while riding, when they occur. This way you can continue to ride without worries.

Yann’s dream 52′

Since his departure from Mauritania in 2010, Yann had only one dream, to come back to the country to discover it.

As an accomplished sportsman, he therefore imagined a Fatbike mountain bike race in the desert and the mountains of the Mauritanian Adard.

Relive the reconnaissance carried out for the organisation of the 1st Raid TransMauritania in the winter of 2019!

Safety, talking to competitors

They took part in the first edition of the Raid TransMauritania, they were the pioneers of the event. This is how they felt about the safety in the country.

The pioneers (52′)

Discover the first edition of the Raid TransMauritania.